Recognizing that the Poms/Dance team is a substantial investment for families, it has become a goal of the CVHS Poms Booster Club to promote transparency as to where funds are going. As such, any active member of the CVHS Poms Booster Club may request to see the club financial statement from the Booster Club treasurer with 72 hours notice. Financials are also reviewed at each Booster Club meeting, which is held monthly and is open to all active members. 

Participation in the Booster Club as a CVHS Pom family is compulsory, with each family being asked to pay the $40 membership fee at the beginning of each season. This fee is meant to offset costs and reduce unexpected requests for additional money from families throughout the year.  

The following breakdown is the estimated costs for families to participate as a CVHS Sabercat Varsity Pom.  Junior Varsity is usually less. 

UDA Camp Approx.


Outside Studio Summer One Day Camp


Outside Studio Classes


Comp Fees Approx.(including nationals)


Choreography (250/rountine per dancer)


Music ($100/rountine per dancer)


Strength and Conditioning


Practice Gear (4 tops,3 bottoms, sweatsuit, backpack,Pom pony,2 tights)


Comp Uniforms (250/uniform)


1 pair tennis shoes


1 turners and 1 dance shoe


Warm Ups


Make up and hair accessories


Rhinestones and Embroidery


End of Year Banquet


Rain Cover


Total APPROXIMATE costs: $4,111.25

These prices are estimates and are subject to change. This does not include the travel cost for Varsity Nationals.